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Range in 

Range in Between   is an installation that relates light, gender, and the body.

Light serves as an inspirational and initiating source for the visual proposal, playing with the philosophical and social concepts of non-binary gender expressed through the body. The body, the material through which we perceive diffraction, allows us to see the evolution and constant change in our society. Bodies increasingly shape gender and move away from the sexual diversities and codifications that still exist today. We are talking about a new non-binary space focused on gender, but one that can be situated in any societal space, generating movement, flexibility, and constant change.


This proposal aims to use light as the central axis, leveraging its physical qualities. By studying the history of light, scientific discoveries, and connecting with art, we observe how the life and beliefs of a society are also revealed through light. Associating this concept with the history of gender and gender differences experienced over time, particularly from the Middle Ages onward, we create an immersive installation. It invites you to feel, look, and immerse yourself in a sensory and thoughtful space, aiming to provoke reflections and, at the same time, self-questioning.


Jou Serra

Jou Serra is a lighting designer and visual artist based in Barcelona, working with light and space in performing arts, installations, and architecture. He is interested in research and the creation of spaces for reflection where light is at the center of visual, artistic, social, and philosophical exploration. He holds a master's degree in architectural lighting and also trained as a stage lighting technician in Granada. Serra is a graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in contemporary dance and composition. He has furthered his artistic installation training with Irma Marco, and has taken lighting design courses with Ana Rovira, Thomas Bourreaus, and Valentín Álvarez. At the Massana School, he participated in the course "Art and Feminism" by Maria Llopis, as well as other training related to gender and anthropology at the CCCB. Serra co-directs the company Animal Religion, where he explores the synergies between body, light, and sound.



Festival Vilart 26 - June, 2021
Festival Llavors 3 & 4 - September, 2021
Festival Forma 1 & 2 - October, 2021
Suralita Creació 21 - August, 2022
El Graner BCN 
March, 2023
Dansàneu 24 - July, 2023
Femme in Arts 23 to 26th - November, 2023


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